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Friday, May 11th 2007 9:06 AMSTORM SEASON-PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER:Storm season in MN - Protect your computer:
Once again Rangenet would like to remind everyone that it is 'Storm' time in Northern Minnesota. Along with storms come Lightning. For days after lightning storms, Rangenet gets many calls from customers having difficulty connecting.

The most typical is 'NO DIAL TONE'. If you were able to connect fine with Rangenet before a storm and then get a message similar to this after the storm, you can be 99.9% sure that your modem was damaged in the storm. Unfortunately, there is nothing Rangenet can do for you in this situation. You need to call a service technician to have this situation fixed. Don't be fooled by the fact that your regular house phone has dial tone. You need to be able to dial into Rangenet to use the service. If you can't dial in, there is not much we can do for you.

These electrical storms produce 'power surges' down your electrical lines AND your phone lines. In this instance this is a 'Phone Line Surge'. There is only one sure way, to protect your computer equipment from damage during a storm and that is to completely disconnect your POWER LINE and your PHONE LINE from your computer!

If you choose not to do this then make sure you have BOTH your computer power line and your phone line SURGE PROTECTED! This is not a 100% guarantee but it's the best solution if you choose not to disconnect your computer during a storm. Call your local Computer Shop and buy yourself both an Electrical Surge protector and a Phone line surge protector. These devices sit between your Electrical outlet/phone line outlet and your computer and are designed to 'absorb' the surge. They cost between $15 - $40 depending on the type of protection you want/need. Last year (2001) more than 100 modems were damaged in the storms we had in June, July and August. Protect your investment, as it costs approx. $50 - $200 dollars to replace these modems. Again if your modem is bad, you will need to contact either your computer vendor or a local repair shop for assistance in diagnosing or replacing the modem.

* HINT: If you do disconnect your phone and power lines during a storm, make sure to put the phone line back in the Jack labeled 'Line' on the back of your modem. One common mistake is to plug that line into the jack that says PHONE. The jack labeled Phone is for you to put a VOICE phone by your computer so you can make calls when not connected to the Internet. (Plugging it into the wrong port will also cause a 'No Dial Tone' error, however, there really ISN'T a dial tone in this case.)

The Rangenet Team wants to thank all of you for using our service. Have a safe and fun Summer.

Thanks again,
-The Rangenet Team

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